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There’s powerful information in public records. Access them Anonymously.

We submit public records requests to schools, colleges, local and state government offices in all 50 states and to all federal agencies.

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Anonymous FOIA Requests.

Make your public records request anonymously. How? Your name will not be on any communication between us and an agency. Its a key feature of our service, especially for those who want to protect their business strategy or sales relationships. 


Confidential FOIA Requests.

As much as our marketing team would like to brag on the top-notch companies we service, our clients are confidential. We are happy to sign an NDA or provide one for you. 


Yes, we do it all.
“Open Records.” “Public Records.” “FOIA Request.”

Open Records Requests To Local Governments

Each state has its own Freedom of Information law that local governments abide by. We will submit open records requests to each county, city and municipality government in all 50 states in accordance with these laws.

Federal FOIA Help

We submit Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to all Federal Agencies. We submit all FOIA requests under our company’s name and contact information and you remain anonymous.  

University Records Requests

Are you interested in receiving information related to a University RFP and upcoming bid? We submit public record requests and/or open records request to every public University and College in the United States. 

Grant Application Requests

Submitted Grant Applications to receive Federal Grant Funding also falls under the Freedom of Information Act. We have experience submitting these types of FOIA requests and would love to help you get the information needed for your next Grant Application. 

Public Records Requests To Local Schools

Public Primary and Secondary Education Systems are subject to their state’s Freedom of Information laws. We submit public records requests to public school districts in all 50 states. 

Privacy Requests

This is the only service we offer that cannot be an anonymous FOIA request. There is a form that must be filled giving us permission to request your records. This form can quickly be provided upon your request. 

What Can You Request?
Items We Request Regularly:

Contract/RFP Information

  • Awarded Contract
  • Winning Submitted Proposal
  • Scoring and Evaluation Sheets
  • Amendments and modifications to contract
  • List of companies who submitted proposals

Data Requests

  • Commercial Tax Liens Lists
  • Member Lists
  • Government Employee lists
  • Copy of MRIDs (EPA)

Immigration Papers

  • I-130 approval form
  • I-94 Document
  • Deportation Records

Criminal Records

  • Police Reports
  • Case Files
  • 911 records
  • Crash Reports


  • Drug Approval Package
  • 510 K Submission application
  • Correspondence or Approved Drug
  • FDA Form 483 (Inspection reports)
  • Email Communications

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Rachel Cuccias

Rachel Cuccias

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Maybe it’s our knowledge and expertise. Maybe it’s our highly responsive team.  However you slice it, our clients get invaluable information that leads to bottom line results. What public records are you after?